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Bizix provides effective technological software solutions that support your business growth

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Bizix’ high quality back office BPO services promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom-lines.

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Bizix call center outsourcing services helps you to streamline your CRM process and boost satisfaction

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Depend on us for a complete range of products, our focus of keeping it simple via our services. With Bizix Business Process Outsourcing Services as a partner, your operation can:

Increase overall efficiencies

Simplify IT and focus on your core business

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Deliver customizable products and services

Ensure quality personalized service

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Data management has become critical to the success of any business. Easy access and management of data, as well as easy access for storage purposes. At the

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e-Ticaret Destek Hizmetleri

Küresel e-ticaret satışları, güçlü tüketici talebi nedeniyle artmaya devam ediyor. Buna rağmen, birçok e-ticaret işletmesi, artan ürün verisi hacimlerini yönetmeyi, Ticaret ürün verilerinin doğruluğunu garantilemeyi,

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Data mining is the process of analyzing data from a variety of sources and collecting this information according to useful business intelligence. The collected data is

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Whether you want to digitize and manually enter dozens of tens of millions of records, Bizix BPO offers you professional service and support with accurate

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Global e-commerce sales continue to increase due to strong consumer demand. However, many e-commerce businesses are managing difficulties in managing their increased product data volumes,

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Veri Girişi Hizmetleri

Dijitalleştirmek ve manuel olarak girmek için ister onlarca ister birkaç milyonlarca kayıt olsun, Bizix BPO, doğru veri giriş hizmetleriyle size profesyonel hizmet ve destek sunar.

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Business Processes Outsourcing

The implementation of business processes with outsourcing (BPO) implementation is based on the principle of conducting specific, specialized core business processes outside the company. The simplest form of outsourcing, such as the keeping of bookkeeping books, has been practiced for centuries, but later on in many business areas, large corporations, and even on a larger scale.


Bizix provides BPO services which deliver an all-encompassing solution for businesses in a vast array of industries. We have developed a thorough understanding of the challenges that businesses within these industries face and provide solutions to allow our clients to overcome these challenges and achieve differentiation in their market.

Healthcare providers face many challenges in their industry and their work can often become hindered by the administrative element of the profession. We aim to provide healthcare support services which enrich resource allocation, boost financial performance and increase the effectiveness of providers.

The education sector is experiencing increasing competition and organizations in the industry need to focus their energies on maximizing student enrollments and delivering quality education within their staff and resource constraints. Bizix, provides BPO support services for educational institutions and other businesses in the learning and development sector.

Today’s Insurance companies encounter many challenges, such as diminishing margins, increasingly strict compliance requirements, evolving customer requirements and the fluctuating economic environment and needs to be flexible. Bizix BPO service provider that can provide you the means to transform your business operations and ensure growth in tough times.

As an industry, the real estate sector is exceptionally vulnerable to market fluctuations. Consequently, it is very important for organizations operating within the industry to maintain a high level of productivity, while also enabling cost efficient solutions.

With digital technology transforming the media and entertainment industry and opening up new avenues for growth, companies in the sector need to focus all their energies on building their core competencies and streamlining other support processes. Bizix, will enable your organization to gain process efficiencies through outsourcing of integral operations.

Organizations need to focus on catering to growing demand for connectivity, tackling security issues and innovating new offerings for the latest devices and technology paradigms. Bizix, enables telecom companies to ensure that certain key processes are delivering efficiencies, and allows them to concentrate on building their core capability.

Along with ensuring footfalls in on-ground physical stores in a competitive market, the challenge now extends to building online customer patronage as well. With advancements in technology and associated changing purchase behavior of shoppers, retailers and eCommerce companies need all available time to focus on mission-critical tasks

Evolving regulatory norms, the need for planning and managing limited resources, and access to financing pose tough challenges for companies in the energy and utilities industry. Bizix BPO service provider, will enable your energy or utility company to gain a competitive advantage through outsourcing

Logistics is the key element for effective supply chain management. Efficient logistics services assure goods are delivered in a timely manner and customers remain happy. As an industry, logistics faces many challenges.

wind-down cost

wind-up production

Put simply, Bizix breathes life into businesses by giving them the power to innovate. Via the significant reduction of operating costs, new financial resources become available to invest into new services, new technologies, better products, better services and better customer experiences which collectively underpins new business growth and prosperity.

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