Creating Instagram Content Plan

Creating Instagram Content Plan for Your Business

Would you like to increase your organic Instagram followers? Looking for Creating Instagram Content Plan for Your Business?

In this article, you will learn how to prepare, create and optimize the Instagram content plan for your business.

#1: How to Install Content Theme for Your Instagram Profile?

The first step to opening a successful Instagram account is to plan your content. Since Instagram is a visual platform, start by defining the look and feel of your business profile.

When creating a theme for Instagram, you need to consider the following:

  • Colors to use
  • Filters to be applied to your pictures
  • Type of content to be published (only a rough idea at this stage)

Have a look at Canva’s Instagram account. They constantly publish different content, but there is consistency in the colors they use.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

As you move through the profile page, the colors change organically, from purple to wine red, to any color you can think of.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Lacoste-like brands take a different approach. Lacoste primarily uses brand colors (white and green), and generally every line in its slices has visually similar writing.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Another example of an attractive Instagram profile comes from clothing retailer Madewell. While browsing their shares, a certain vibration emerges: cold, sunny and comfortable. Many of this effect is achieved by using photos with warm blue colors and a bright blue sky.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

If you really want to impress your Instagram followers, you can turn your Instagram charts into a complex and interconnected collection of pictures and videos, just as Lancôme does in Instagram accounts.

Your Instagram visual content style should reflect your brand. Answer the following questions to help you create the right style for your business:

  • What colors do you want people to associate with your brand? You should consider using these colors predominantly in Instagram colors.
  • What kind of content do you want to publish? Pictures and videos with people, close-ups of faces, your products, scenery? Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to some kind of photo line, but it helps you get a general idea of the types of content you want to publish.
  • Which filters will you use? One way to develop a recognizable theme on Instagram is to use a specific filter for all your content. This is one of the easiest ways to develop an Instagram style signature.
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#2: How Do You Plan Your Instagram Marketing Content?

Once you know what you want your Instagram profile to visually express, you’re ready to start planning your content. Consider what you want to achieve with your Instagram marketing before considering different types of content. Would you like to sell more? More interaction? More followers? Setting goals is important because it will direct the content you post on Instagram.

Also consider the time you need to devote to Instagram.

If you are a small business, you may not have someone to manage your social media full time. At the same time, you probably won’t have much time to devote to Instagram (that’s why this initial planning is all that important). Be honest with yourself about how much time to devote to Instagram so you know how reasonable time frame you can deal with every day.

Also consider what resources you have for your Instagram marketing. How much can you invest in your Instagram content?

Schedule Instagram Publishing Calendar

Now consider the mix of content (promotional images, videos, stories, photos, etc.) that you publish every day. Make things interesting by always posting different types of content, not the same type.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Whether you are a small business or a big brand, using a publishing calendar to plan your content will help you achieve your goals. It will also save you time and produce better results in the long run.

Now let’s look at the different types of content you can create for Instagram.

Sharing statistics and realities in your posts is perfect for participation and sharing. In the example, he shares a chart with a relevant takeaway from HubSpot research.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Animals, pets, funny pictures and similar articles are also effective for attracting viewers.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

National holidays and innovations can provide content inspiration for Instagram. Create themed content for holidays and events, as in Buffer’s Celebration month of Pride.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Educational tips, advice and other content can help build trust with your audience. This HubSpot post explains why hashtags are so important on Instagram.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Motivational and success quotes from Dove are popular on social media, they are also very suitable for Instagram. The good thing is that they are easy to create and cheap.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Instagram is also a great place to highlight your products. In fact, 80% of Instagram accounts following at least one business are very popular on this platform for marketing of brands and products.

You can show your product in action, as GoPro often does in Instagram accounts.

Or highlight one of your products as Asos does.

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Tools to Help Plan Instagram Content

One way to plan your Instagram content is to use a simple excel spreadsheet or even better a Google Sheet so you can easily collaborate with others.

Another way of management is to use a project management and team collaboration tool like Trello (free and paid plans are available). Search for “Trello social media calendar”, you will find several ready-made templates for your purpose.

While you can’t program Instagram posts with Trello, it’s a useful tool in the early stages of planning: determining what type of content you post, deciding when to post it, recording your team’s post ideas, etc.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

#3: How To Create Your Instagram Marketing Content

If you are a big brand, an agency can be tasked to create content for you. Or, more likely, you should have full-time employees that focus solely on social media, and do things like strategy planning, creation, publishing, interest, or measurement.

If you are a small business, not all of these resources are at your disposal. For this reason, small businesses often choose one of two approaches to creating content:

  • They release new content as they find time or inspire.
  • They prepare the content in advance and always try to post new content.

As a small business, it is not easy to prepare and submit new content every day. If you mostly trust your availability and time, you will try to do this, you probably won’t get great results from Instagram because:

  • You cannot submit enough content.
  • You cannot post content designed to help you achieve your Instagram goals.
  • You cannot reach enough people and show enough attention.

If you want to attract more followers in the beginning, you can focus on posting engaging content, such as inspirational and motivational quotes, cute pet photos and similar types of content people love on Instagram.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

If you already have a good Instagram audience and want to increase your sales, you will need a different approach to promote your products, services and business in general.

Remember: If you want to make sure you are doing everything possible to achieve great results from Instagram and achieve your goals, this is my advice: it is necessary to regularly brainstorm new ideas, put it on your social media calendar and spend time creating content.

Some important applications to keep in mind when creating Instagram content:

  • Always keep your goals in mind. Whenever you come up with a content idea, ask yourself what it will help you achieve.
  • Use high-quality images, videos and sounds. Try to buy stock photos or video clips or create yourself (even on your smartphone), your content should look good quality. If not, try again each time.
  • Make sure the content is the most suitable size for the platform, especially if you are editing using a utility. Most display tools offer different sizing options, including different types of Instagram posts.
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If you want to create your own videos, consider investing in several different video equipment (whichever is appropriate): (smartphone) a tripod, a lighting kit and a microphone for your camera.

Tools to Help Creating Instagram Content

There are free and paid resources online where you can get quality stock photos and video clips for use in your Instagram posts. Here are a few examples you might want to try:

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

When it comes to creating social media images, Canva (free and paid) is one of the most popular tools. The free plan offers a number of useful features and gives you access to many templates.

The drag and drop editor is intuitive to use, and free and paid images can be accessed directly from the editor. Canva is useful for creating inspiring and motivational images, adding watermarks to your posts, activating images and other text (adding CTAs), and making your posts look better with all kinds of filters and editing features.

If you choose one of the paid plans, you can save templates and collaborate with other team members while recording content.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

#4: How Can You Program Your Instagram Marketing Content?

Once you’ve created your content, schedule your Instagram posts to make sure you post new content regularly.

You will find a lot of work on the best times to be published on social media, including Instagram. But the truth is, the best time to send depends on your audience. The best way to find out which times work best on Instagram is to start posting and watch your results carefully. Search for the days and times you get the best results.

Fortunately, Instagram now allows third party apps to schedule content, images, videos, and GIF content. If you are using several large social networks, I suggest a tool like SocialPilot (plans start with a 30-day, 14-day free trial); this allows you to manage all your accounts in one place. It is useful and cost effective for small businesses because you don’t have to pay for more than one vehicle (and you don’t waste time moving from one vehicle to another).

SocialPilot allows you to schedule your social media posts and offers a few extra features that can be useful for Instagrammers:

  • You can find free images from their local libraries to share your Instagram account.
  • You can personalize your Instagram posts with filters, effects, texts and other editing options.
  • You can watermark your pictures.
  • You can collaborate with team members to plan and execute your content strategy.
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#5: Optimizing Your Instagram Marketing Content

Once you have a good schedule and great content to be published, how can you further improve your results on Instagram? Here are some ways to increase your reach and engagement and improve your tracking.

Add Related Hashtag

Hashtags are a very important part of Instagram. The right tags (and the right number of tags) can help you reach a wider audience and attract more followers.

If you are a big brand that is well known, you may not always need to use hashtags. However, if you are a small or medium business, be sure to pay close attention to the tags and use at least one in all your posts. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to reach more people.

Before sharing best practices for using hashtags on Instagram, let’s look at different Instagram hashtags.

Branded hashtags: These are hashtags unique to your brand and created. You can use them to develop your brand and promote user-generated content. If you create a branded hashtag, make sure it is short, concise, easy to write and remember. Adobe explains how it uses brand hashtags in its profile as follows:

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Industry hashtags: These are hashtags related to a particular industry like #photographer. Such hashtags are quite popular and have tens of millions of channels.

Niche hashtags: If #photographer is an industry hashtag, a hashtag like #foodphotographer becomes a niche hashtag.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Location tags: These tags can be very practical for businesses that operate in specific locations. # You can go to a larger audience using location hashtags like Antalya or #muratpasa or experience more niches with hashtags for specific neighborhoods and communities. # Location and location like Antalya you can even try niche combinations.

Event tags: Whenever there is a big enough event, there is usually a tag behind the Women’s World Cup like #fifawwc.

Holiday Hashtags: Most holidays have their own labels, from national holidays like Eid al-Fitr to innovation holidays like national day.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Ideally, you should use most of these different hashtags as much as possible. Also, constantly experiment with different tags to see how they affect your results.

Now that you know which hashtag types you can use, the best methods to use hashtags on Instagram are:

  • Always use hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn’t mean good practice (even if it means you can reach more people). Research shows conflicting data on hashtag usage and interaction, so experiment with different numbers of hashtags and see how it affects your results.
  • Research hashtags before using. Search hashtags quickly to see how much and what kind of posts are available. Too many posts can mean that your content is lost in the sea of ​​updates.
  • Save related tags in a document for easy access. Then, when you create a post, copy it over the top tags for that content.
  • Go beyond popular tags. It may be tempting to use only super popular hashtags, but the truth is that yours has too much content to disappear. Use a mix of different hashtags: popular hashtags, niche hashtags, location hashtags, etc.

Tools to Find and Use Instagram Hashtags

All Hashtag is a tool to define, create and analyze. To start using it for free, write a hashtag / keyword and specify whether you want to search for Top (most popular related hashtags only), Random or Live hashtags.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Your search results will contain dozens (in some cases, hundreds, even) hashtags, including similar tags to consider. You can copy (or add directly to one of your updates) with a single click to save these hashtag groups for later use.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Keyhole (free trial available) is a tag, online tracking and analysis tool that works with multiple social platforms, including Instagram. One feature allows you to track a hashtag in real time.

In addition to showing the most popular posts using these labels, it analyzes usage over time for this label, shows the emotion behind updates, reveals the best influencers and displays other trending topics.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

You can also use Keyhole to track the performance of your own Instagram account and hashtags.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

As a bonus, you can follow your opponents to see how hashtag strategies evolve and what you can learn from them.

Use the Best Heading Length for Your Content

The description section length of your Instagram content will partially depend on the type of content you post.

If you want to promote the web link in your Bio and direct it to traffic, it’s best to keep your title short and simple so people can see your purpose without having to read a few paragraphs.

On the other hand, if you want to educate or tell a story, use a longer title in this article, as TED Talks did.

Bizix Sosyal Medya Yönetimi

Some publications do not require a CTA (call to action) like a Labradoodle photo that someone brings only for fun and engaging purposes. However, in general, you should add CTA whenever possible, otherwise you cannot get people to do whatever you want them to.

There are several places where you can add CTA: write a picture, your image, and bio. Clarify any action you want people to take (visit a web page, buy something, leave a comment, etc.) and explain it in your content.


When you are a small business without the name of the best brands, getting results from social media can be difficult and Instagram is no different.

Many of the things we’ve covered in this guide will help you create and share content that helps attract more Instagram followers and interests, including:

  • Using a consistent recording calendar
  • Publishing various types of content every day
  • Making use of the right mix of tags

Instagram can definitely be spam (with the share of fake followers, fake accounts, and so on), there are many real users who log in every day to see new content from their friends, influencers and yes, even brands. And while you can grab some of the attention with great content and the right tags, another way to grow your follow-up and engagement is to communicate with users.

Some best practices for Instagram interaction are:

  • Use CTAs in your posts and titles to encourage people to interact with your content and leave comments.
  • Every day, by liking posts, watching stories and videos, and with your followers, relevant influencers in your niche, etc. Take care of your time.
  • Regularly call new users who may be interested in and interact with your brand.

What do you think? Will you create an Instagram content plan for your business? Do you have any tips for creating content to offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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