499,00  449,00 / month

Get a VIP corner at Bizix office, be the boss of your own business!


Co-working Space

  • At Bizix, we offer you the opportunity to work in open work-spaces that are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

What is Co-working Space?

A Co-working Space is an alternative, open and shared work environment for those who prefer not to work in a home-office, busy café environment or a generic fixed office space. Enjoy a professional working environment with the use of a Flex Desk without the cost of a fixed office space. You can work comfortably in a vibrant energetic space, meet customers, and collaborate with other Bizix clients with the Flex Desk.

Co-working Space Privileges

  • The use of Bizix meeting rooms and lounge areas (conditions apply)
  • Take advantage of our social activities and other opportunities to meet and collaborate with open space workers like you
  • Avoid distractions of working in cafes by working in the lounge area
  • Enjoy our café with complimentary tea and coffee and other available snacks
  • Utilize the prestigious business address giving you and your company a more professional image
  • Our Co-working Space location is conveniently accessible by public transportation and tram lines
  • Flexible packages with the ability to move from one package to another
  • Networking advantages with local, international and start-up companies via our monthly events.




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